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Anglican perpetual virginity
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The day after we are always in the same place, the girls are about the same and there are a lot of not young man with them. something is unusual. Daniel (one of my friends) tell me about something strange about latvian girls. In the pub there is also the girl that i meet in the disco on sunday. but. i will find here the same problem that i found in Cuba. Isn’t true that here all the girls are good here. Also here i need to be careful about the girl that you meet because she can be a prostitute. Oh my God. I look a girl in the pub. she is’not with an "old" man, she is alone, she inspire me. i go to her with the intent to understan what happen in the city. i thought to understand all, and i think to don’t understand nothing. So, i hope that she can explain me something. i’m confused.. a lot! She’s very pretty with me and explain me that i’m not in a "normal" place as i can see, but the place is in a touristic zone, the girl that i can see work all for some night club and are very nice with tourist to attract them in the night club. As in all the world when the tourist go in a night club spend a lot and don’t do nothing!
(Nothing different between Italy, but i want to make an experiment in the latvian night club, read the page!)
The girl continue the discussion and tell me that however inside the palce is possible to meet some "real" prostitute that work for herself. I ask her if is also possible to meet prostitute on the street. and she move the face to indicate me "yes". ://// so. ok. i show her some girls that i met in this holiday from the monitor of my digital camera and she say that she doesn’t know those girls so she thinks that they are not prostitute. fiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. :)))))))))))))))))
About girls. i must take a picture with her. what a pity that i don’t have with me my ferrari jackets.
My friend ale, while i’m buying a jacket on the street on saturday evening with a latvian man, take the opportunity to know a friend of him and while i’m speaking about italian wine (!) with the latvian, he takes her telephone numbers! Thje problem is that the girl live in a city 50km far from Riga so to see again her was not simple.
An afternoon however we organize the meeting and the girls bring us in a beach in a city called "Boldaraja"
During this holiday there are other girls about i can write. both know in a place suggested to Ale from a fiend of him who already staied in the main city of Latvia.
I’m peaceful with my friend Ale and while we are speaking in this discopub i notice that in the table in front of us there are two girls with two guys. i notice that one of the girl watch me insistent and begin a funny "glance game". after 10 minutes we go to them. one of the 2 guys is completely drunk and the other is following his friend. the girls don’t speak with them so after 3 minutes the guy go away.. i speak with the "glance" girl and ale with the other. She immediately tell me that she is married and she has a child; despite this and despite the "coldness" of latvian girls she look like very friendly! a little bit crazy, but i spend a good time with her! i will see her also the day after. we must meet in the main square, but it was not simple to recognize her in the crowd. In fact she look like something different. !! 🙂
It’s absolutely false that latvian girls like tourist. maybe they like tourists, but they dislike people that go there and think that they are "easy", people that try to approach them everytime and everywhere. Besides latvian people don’t think good about latvian girls who meet with tourist. At the apperance latvian girls look like coldness, but if you know them well you can realize that they are better than an average italian woman. i can say this only about my experience of a week, so i don’t pretend to tell you "THE TRUE"! About beauty i think latvian are better: the eyes are beautiful, in latvian there are not the ecomic possibility of italy, so a latvian girls spend less for make-up so what you can see it’s real and not "fake". Also is more difficult to see fat girls. Another opinion is that without the money of italy, woman think more to family, love, child.
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Im student from Riga. Wait ur call and sms that we can meet and have good time.
Im student from Riga. Wait ur call and sms that we can meet and have good time.
Send us your requirements and let us get back to you.
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