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We are about 6 friends, all stags planning to visit Eastern Europe in the end of June and July for say 12-14 nights, could you please assist us with some good options. we want to stay at a place for minimum 2 nights and don’t want to hurry it up.
Google Dom Torres. That guy just came from living there and will give you better info.
I’ll go to bucharest with 4 friends and we will stay for a week. Any updates / hints for good places to hook up? Best Club you have been to?
Where’s the best area to get weed/hash?
Yoo people, I will be joining this Bucharest hype very soon… booked to go in january – I hope its as easy as some have said on here.
I would also liketo know isit worth booking a table at a top club or shall we just stay in lipscani area ?
Peace out dudes.
im here right now in Bucharest so give you my experience but it may well vary from others.
the city is not bad, its like a slightly run down Budapest. before I talk about the women I should mention my type as one guys 7 or 8 is anothers 3 or 4 etc. I’m attracted to curvy busty peach bumed girls. its true a lot of girls here have nice arses and sometimes nice tits and arses. I’m out daygaming most days here around the main areas. I see a lot of 7s and ocassional 8s but riga, Budapest and Ukraine is much better in terms of quality and flow for myself. others may have different experiences depending on many factors. depending on your skill level if your beginning or intimidate id say Romanian girls are generaly not easy, can be hard to stop them sometimes. whoever says its easy either picked the right girl or has great/advanced in game. I would get an apartment near unirea mall this is best location for daygame and guttergame daygame at night. download uber if you need a taxi as local taxis may try charge you 3x the normal. great places to eat are “la mama” and la placinte” a average meal will cost around 20-35 lei. was expecting it to be 2/3rds cheaper than uk, turns out its only arounds 1/3 at best. I hear constanza beach is amazing in aug but will have to see for myself to confirm this. the average girl is medium size id say 10-12 few skinny girls. most girls are dark hairs and dark eyes, 90% id say. but you can still find few blondes about and red heads if you choose. for nightlife wed go blue bar has students if you like 18-21 year olds there accommodation is next to the club. on Thursday go “gaia” but I wouldn’t go there til 1.30am as doesn’t get busy til then shuts at 4am. I hear boa they put on good shows but must people are stuck at tables and its hard to move around and approach. the unirea mall is good for daygame aswell. around 5pm-7pm there are non stop opportunities. most girls speak English. the area code is +40. ive heard brasov another city about 3 hours by train is better than Bucharest but yet to confirm.
update… bring an umbrella (preferably a golf one as to cover you and the cover and also keep your feet dry as little ones might not do that. as it can rain in april. its a lot quier in the city for girls and most places are shut including resturants and malls in easter which is 14th-17th april although one is all you need. ive just eaten a burger at “bordello” in the old town best burger ive had in my life. only about 20odd lei (5/6euros)
update…Bucharest is good enough, quite a few 7s and ocassional rarer 8s around but I would warn again coming here if your a beginning as I class myself as slightly obove a beginning but if your getting laid once or more in your city youl probally do a lot better gamewise, as ive had to approach a lot of girls and only had few numbers no dates or lays so far my experience wont be as enjoyable as if I had dates and lays. so the city is good enough there are a lot worser cities to go. just depends on your skill level wither your have a better time or not if your coming here mainly for trying game out. if your advanced you could stay here 7-10 days and get laid 1-3 x maybe. if your intermediate 2weeks maybe get 1-2 like me your skill level is not that good even 3 weeks may not be enough. so like I say if your a beginning id rethink coming here and wait until your atleast intimidate to visit (maybe go to prague, Budapest, riga instead), but if your advance youl prob have a lot of fun.
update.. if your on a budget like I am its SO much cheaper to buy your food from the supermarket. a great one is called “Carrefour” its on the left side of the uri main mall where newyorker is just go up the road take a right youl see row of metal barriers then its left.
MASSIVE selection of food from all over the world. free wifi no password or sign in required here also. bought pasta, humus, spaghetti, cous cous cheap easy stuff cause I’m a lazy cook. for the cost of 3-4 meals you can get a weeks shopping. didn’t realise this until today. also if your buying wine buy/bring a screw with you as most wines are not the easy twist tops where you don’t require a wine screw. take pics of what you want before you go shopping as this is easier than trying to translate to Romanian so can just point at your phone. will check out Brasov wed heard its like a mini pargue more beautiful and more higher quality women will have to see for myself and report back. the train from Bucharest to Brasov takes 3hours aparetnly. first train leaves at 6am, 2nd at 7am. will check out peles castle in “Sinaia” as heard its a lot more pretty than “Bran castle” Draculas castle. enterence fee for both is “35 lei” Train cost “90” lei return castle opens at 10am.

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