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Kiematabu, the highest and extinct volcano of Tidore. The last houses to the left is the village of Topo and the red roof is Nuraini’s house.
The morning was greeted with a beautiful sunrise and a combination of some promising and worrying cloud cover. We had a bountiful breakfast from our gracious host and got greeted by the twin grand daughters. With everything charged and a very basic lesson explaining how to view it, we departed with the family to the first spot. A few minutes later we had stopped and although having some cloud, we thought it might clear up enough by the time eclipse started happening. We were in place about half an hour earlier than then beginning of the partial eclipse and had time to set up our cameras. More locals gathered and it became increasingly apparent that most did not know or have the proper equipment to safely view the eclipse.
Having already given out our spare solar film and sharing the glasses around, Nuraini sounded her excitement at the beginning of the moon crossing the sun. Her son, ‘Boi’ had made his own glasses out of negative film that appeared effective and used one of our spare solar filters to use his camera. Everyone was getting excited and bemos and locals stopped to experience the partial eclipse. One boy in particular gave such reaction that it has inspired us to help educate the locals in all our future eclipse endeavours.
A view of the partial phase in the eclipse pre-totality.
In the distance from the school, we heard the beating of Dolo Dolo, a bamboo drum. Nuraini and Boi started to tell us about the village’s myth surrounding Gerhana Matahari (Solar eclipse). The village of Topo believed that an eclipse happened from a Naga (dragon) swallowing the sun. The way they get the sun back is by beating the dolo dolo. At this point we found it very coincidental that this was their folk lore and that we had brought Buah Naga (Dragon fruit) with us to eat.
The location we chose to watch the eclipse minutes before the initial partial started.
Due to the time of day and the equatorial position of Tidore, we had to move our camera slightly uphill to continue getting the partial in the lead up to totality. The clouds had lingered around but it was looking like it was going to be in the clear for totality. What looked like seconds until totality still took several minutes and Nuraini started a countdown while we were all laughing at the chickens for preparing for sleep. The insects came alive as well, sounding like their usual choral at dusk. We started our video camera which was attached to a Sinyowo plant. Sinyowo is a natural plant where you boil the green leaves in water (no seasoning) and it is very good for lowering blood pressure.
The sky was fading into twilight and the colour at the horizon became yellow with a more pinkish red over toward our right. The sounds of amazement by everyone around filled us with overwhelming waves of euphoric emotions. Pitched between the Kenari nut and the coconut trees, we looked up to see the Bailey’s Beads lead to the Diamond Ring Effect into totality. After all the pre eclipse planning, preparation and anticipation, all our nerves and fears were resolved with only excitement and bliss remaining in this perfect moment. Maybe it was just an optical illusion, or the position of the event at the equator but it appeared much larger to us than we had remembered.
Prominences at the beginning of totality. A beautiful moment during the eclipse.
Boi, unsure about the safety of the moment asked, “Free? Free?”, to which we replied that yes he could view it with his free eyes. Being an avid photography hobbyist himself, he found this moment too good to not take photos but also spent time just soaking in the moment. He later was so grateful for everything that he gave Liam his black coral bracelet.
Another upside to watching from Pulau Tidore was that the duration of totality was 3 minutes 14 seconds. As all around us grew silent, the distant dolo dolo drums crept in with their chant to chase the dragon away. One of the dogs that were around us started howling like it had reverted back to it’s ancestral roots and called to the moon. The hairs on everyones skin were raised with the silent screaming of excitement. Some people voiced their excitement and others watched silently in awe. Moments like this are what last a lifetime and as we got caught up in it, we too believed the possibilities of the folk lore and wondered if the naga would spit the sun back out.
With the temperature drop, we got an extra rush of adrenaline and you could see in the eyes of everyone the dopamine and endorphins pumping through their bodies. This look remained after the totality as well. Everybody felt so lucky to have witnessed this together and it really felt like we had formed an eclipse family. Later we found out that one of our eclipse sisters from the Faroe Islands eclipse family got to see totality too in Belitung.
As naga starts to spit the sun back out, a bit of fire spurts out. The Diamond Ring Effect at the end of totality.

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