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Balkans Urged To Curb Trafficking.
Imogen Foulkes, BBC News, 31 March, 2005.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Countries in South-East Europe are failing to take effective measures against people trafficking, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says. A UNICEF report says that while countries in the region have strict anti-trafficking laws they do not tackle the root causes of the problem.
Initiative to Help Fight Human Trafficking in Three SEE Countries.
Robert Herschbach, Southeast European Times, 05/04/05.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Bulgaria , Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro are located in a pivotal zone between poorer countries to the east and the affluent nations of the EU, and function as transit points. Bulgaria has passed key legislation criminalizing trafficking and providing for victim assistance, but corruption has impeded law enforcement efforts.
Atrocious Pimping Suspect Arrested In Sofia.
Sofia News Agency, Apr 29, 2005.
[accessed 4 September 2011]
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly also be accessible [here]
A man suspected of kidnapping, abusing and forcing women into prostitution has been arrested in Sofia , the police disclosed Friday. He had reportedly kidnapped a number of young women and is suspected of brutally assaulting many of them and locking them in a cage with a dozen of pit bull dogs.
The Protection Project – Bulgaria [DOC]
The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies ( SAIS ), The Johns Hopkins University.
FORMS OF TRAFFICKING – According to a recent study, among identified female victims of trafficking in Bulgaria , all were trafficked for sexual exploitation. At the time of their identification and referral for assistance, 48 percent were minors. They are mostly lured by false promises of jobs. A significant number of victims come from Bulgaria’s southern mountainous region bordering Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey, as well as from other border areas.
Women are lured into the industry through false job advertisements offering jobs as models, dancers, and au pairs. Many of the girls recruited are orphans or come from disadvantaged families, making them more vulnerable to the promises of traffickers offering them work abroad. Teenage girls are often kidnapped and, among the Roma minority, frequently sold to traffickers by their families. – htcp.
Seduction, Sale & Slavery: Trafficking In Women & Children For Sexual Exploitation In Southern Africa [PDF]
Jonathan Martens, Maciej ‘Mac’ Pieczkowski, Bernadette van Vuuren-Smyth, International Organization for Migration (IOM), May 2003.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 4 September 2011]
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – The major findings may be summarized as follows:
Russian and Bulgarian mafias traffic Russian and other Eastern European women on South African visas fraudulently obtained in Moscow to upscale South African brothels. These Eastern European women are promised jobs as waitresses, dancers, strippers, and hostesses in South Africa, but are not told that they must pay a debt of US$2000 per month for six months or more as sex workers until they arrive in South Africa. If they refuse to cooperate, they and their families back at home are threatened with violence.
Freedom House Country Report – Political Rights : 2 Civil Liberties : 2 Status : Free.
[accessed 26 June 2012]
Human Rights Watch.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Stop Violence Against Women – Country Page.
Liliya Sazonova, National VAW Monitor for Bulgaria , 27 October 2008.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
U.S. Library of Congress – Country Study.
Library of Congress Call Number DR55 .B724 1993.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Velina Nacheva, The Sofia Echo, Jan 15 2004.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Magi spends most of her time in South Africa , but during her visits to Bulgaria she leads many campaigns, and works with girls vulnerable to human trafficking. Magi’s focus is educating and talking to girls from orphanages in Blagoevgrad’s and Rousse which are border checkpoints where financially vulnerable girls are often trafficked abroad.
In conversations with children from orphanages and schools, Magi explains the dangers that children might encounter when talking to strangers who offer strange work opportunities. In response she is always greeted with much love and affection by the children in Blagoevgrad and said that these children do mean a lot to her. "They ask questions, share their dreams and are natural," she said. – htcp.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 4 September 2011]
The poor economy of a country is the main factor that makes these girls potential victims. They are trying to run away from poverty and to have a better future for them and for their families by accepting shady offers from unknown people and agencies. Once they choose this road, they rarely escape from this trap alive. It is proven that girls from orphanages and small towns and villages are most vulnerable because of uneducation and desire for quick earnings.

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