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Try googling Turkmenistan then you can start to question why you had your current misconception.
You should cut down on the rum and brandy. :D.
The Turkmen are a Turkic people and are rather spread out. Turkey placed troops north of Tal Afar and threatened Iraq with intervention if the PMU made a move on the city. This situation lasted for almost a year. I ask again about the above article:
So who would come up with this so called “news”?
The problem is they are from further east and not west you are thinking Turkomen which are closer kinship, these are distant but not unlike Americans and Europeans. Turkey was threatening on behalf of Barzani family which runs the Peshmerga , Turkey also threatened the PMU over Nineveh too, they are in with the thieving Peshmerga who is receiving funding and not returning any of the Oil money to Iraq. Those are general revenues and not owned by any Governate.
The US had only captured what was believed 225-250 think the Peshmerga as usual grinding their own axes and killing those who oppose them, nothing new. They will sell their organs to the Jewish organ traffickers and Israel will have some new organs for the hospitals there, and US citizens can get some organs for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Kurds and Wahhabi, Salfists Sunnis are loved by the Jews for the reason they are good at supplying “Donor Organs”.
Again squeamish Western sensibilities. We all know what has to be done, less some of these monsters make it to the West and we find ourselves yet again the target of some nutjob shouting allahu al akbar, as he plows his car into a group of people.
Nobody wants to spend the time to de-program these people, or take care of them. Or run the risk that some of them make it back to their home countries. So as usual we let others do the dirty work for us. Like how we let other nations torture our terror suspects for us through extraordinary rendition.
Just not squeamish just would rather have seen some clear thinking lest this befalls many in Europe. This type of activity is good for creating future terrorists since they probably never served in ISIS but were local Turkmen Militia members whom the Peshmerga fought before the rise of ISIS.
The Barzani like to rid all opposition before they take control of an area especially the minorities this will send a message they intend to kill them all and the US is going to help.
LOL. You should perhaps try not to believe everything you read…
See you have nothing credible to say, guess you are a YPG troll.
Can anyone blame the kurds for doing this? These ISIS members of Tal Afar are the same people who sold Yazidi women to sex slavery and the same people who supported Saddam to gass the Kurds and execute kurdish civilians in Mosul. Anyone who feels sad for that some ISIS was execute can simply join ISIS.
It’s not if someone blames the Kurds for this or not, it is that the Kurds lower themselves to a level, that they do the very same Daesh did.
A war always produces the worst of humanity, resulting in the spiral of violence. Both world wars showed this very much.
Maybe tomorrow i will feel bad as i honestly believe generally that if someone surrenders they should not be killed outright.Maybe later for war crimes ,whatever as execution but certainly not straight away.
Yet these ISIS have turned my stomach.i believe that many sick in the gead,psychopathic,murderous ,sex depraved people have simply found a good way to act out their sick thoughts whilst pretending they do it for a higher cause.
So right now,i actually feel good about it….maybe tomorrow i wont but right now …too bad so sad..they brought it on themselves!
Karma can be a bitch, indeed.
It didn’t happen, it’s fake.
After stuff like this, only a week-minded fool or an ISIS sympathizer could possibly object to executions of ISIS monsters.
As for this in the article “If it’s officially confirmed, this will be a major blow to the public image of Kurdish forces in Iraq.” – I have never read such crap – for me, they have gone up in my expectations.
Exactly. No massacre took place since the Daesh weren’t human to begin with.
An honorful Bullet for each ISIS Asshole.
Better than crushing Bones one by one, like the Shias and SAA do.
However, ISIS burn Kurds alive and stuff like that, so im really impressed that they didnt do much worser things to the isis trash.
Anyways, whatever the kurds do, they do it wrong – in the oipinion of the posters here. If they capture them and let them live, an asshole comes quickly and cries that they will be signed for fighting in the SDF, if they kill them some bigoted trash mumbles of war-violation …. which cant get even more stupid, since war-violations are done by SAA every single day.
Are you opposed to the SAA and Shia people fighting for their lives?
He is, just some brainwashed Kurdistan supporter.
Agreed. But the story is fake anyway.
On the other Hand this is most likely some ISIS propaganda the twitter account has taken unproofed. the twitter account and the photos are no evidence at all. after all.

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