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The youngest girl working on the streets


The youngest girl working on the streets is not even 14. Her parents are working abroad and they do not know what is their child doing. Inspectors tried to reason with her and distance her from the habit to please others for change money and to sell her body, but they failed.

– I remember bringing in a minor because she provided oral sex to a customer. During the conversation with her, I got a feeling that she doesn’t understand that oral sex is the same as classic one. She justified herself with: "I am a virgin, I haven’t slept with them. " – explained the interviewee.

However, it is not rare for the transsexuals to be apprehended. Nicely dressed men I women’s clothing look attractive, and clients, if they are under influence often don’t realize who have they been with. It is interesting that they charge for their services as well as the prostitutes do. They most often use hormones, after which their breasts start growing, and some put artificial objects in their bras, often socks or something similar.

– When we bring in the client that realized he was with a man instead of women, they are embarrassed. Since everything is going on in dark, it is hard to believe they weren’t women – adds the inspector.


* Blue bridge near the village Medakovic.

* Park at the Faculty of Economics.

* Pancevo road at "The Little Paradise"

* Gas station OMV at the turning for Makis.

* Mance bridge on the highway Belgrade-Novi Sad.

See the attachment of the first Serbian internet television T NOW about the new location where the prostitutes are in Belgrade:

Conflict and Agency among Sex Workers and Pimps.

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The dominant understanding in the United States of the relationship between pimps and minors involved in commercial sex is that it is one of “child sex trafficking,” in which pimps lure girls into prostitution, then control, exploit, and brutalize them. Such narratives of oppression typically depend on postarrest testimonials by former prostitutes and pimps in punishment and rescue institutions. In contrast, this article presents data collected from active pimps, underage prostitutes, and young adult sex workers to demonstrate the complexity of pimp-prostitute dyads and interrogate conventional stereotypes about teenage prostitution. A holistic understanding of the factors that push minors into sex work and keep them there is needed to designand implement effective policy and services for this population.

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